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Academic Search Welcomes Mike Maxey and Timothy Mottet as Senior Consultants

June 2024

We are pleased to announce the addition of two experienced higher education professionals, Mr. Michael C. Maxey and Dr. Timothy Mottet. Both began as senior consultants earlier this year, bringing valuable experience and insights to support academic institutions in placing strong leaders.

Michael C. Maxey

Michael C. Maxey

Senior Consultant and Senior Executive Coach

Mr. Maxey joined Academic Search in 2023 as a Senior Executive Coach and has now expanded into the role of Senior Consultant. Mr. Maxey impressively served Roanoke College for nearly four decades, including as President from 2007 to 2022. Under his guidance, Roanoke achieved record highs in enrollment and fundraising and saw substantial campus developments including major renovations and the construction of new facilities.

His leadership was also recognized with numerous awards, including the Council of Independent Colleges Charles W.L. Foreman Award. Mr. Maxey’s deep understanding of leadership dynamics and community engagement, along with his deep knowledge and experience in enrollment management, will provide invaluable guidance to our partners seeking to enhance their institutional impact.

In addition to his role at Roanoke, Mr. Maxey has been an influential voice in various national educational associations, contributing to policy discussions that shape the future of higher education. His advocacy for student-centered education and his innovative approach to institutional governance have made him a respected leader among his peers. His extensive network and ability to forge strong relationships have been instrumental in developing partnerships that benefit educational institutions and their broader communities.

Timothy Mottet

Timothy Mottet, Ed.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Timothy Mottet brings a dynamic portfolio of leadership and innovation in educational strategies to his role at Academic Search. As the former President of Colorado State University Pueblo, he reimagined the student learning experience, focusing on accessibility and affordability.  He was known also for his expertise in strategic planning as well as crafting and implementing a plan that significantly strengthened CSU-Pueblo.

His tenure included significant recognitions such as the 2021 Excellence and Innovation Award for the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his leadership in the introduction of the Colorado Promise Scholarship, which markedly increased college accessibility.

Prior to his presidency, Dr. Mottet served as Provost at Northwest Missouri State University, where he championed initiatives to expand educational access and improve program quality. His scholarly work includes authoring four books and over 60 articles, emphasizing the integration of communication, personality, and cognition in educational settings.

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