Confidentiality Policy

Academic Search is a member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), which is the professional organization that sets worldwide standards in executive search and leadership. In addition, Academic Search adheres to the AESC Code of Professional Practice. As a member, Academic Search chooses to exceed both industry norms and the expectations of our partner institutions because AESC membership demands that members are the most ethical, rigorous, and transparent firms in the profession.

To attract the best candidates, retain until closure those who are most competitive, and fulfill a responsibility to treat candidates confidentially and ethically, Academic Search asks that all search committee members sign a Code of Ethics statement that asserts they will maintain in strict confidence during the search process and in perpetuity all information about candidates (e.g., names, written materials, references) as well as not reveal any of the committee members’ work, including discussions or decision-making during the search process or at any time thereafter.

Candidates are also assured in public ads and announcements that all materials can be submitted in confidence subject to state laws and regulations. Academic Search advises committee members on best practices for maintaining confidentiality, including ensuring the safety of all records after the search is completed, in compliance with institutional, state, and EEOC guidelines.

All candidate application materials are housed on a secure, password-protected website, to which only members of the search committee and the consultants have access. Access may be granted to the hiring authority as well, if desired. In addition, each applicant is assigned a number, which is used, rather than names, in all communications between the search committee and consultants.

Secure Web Portal

Academic Search retains data and a secure website hosted on an Amazon web server, which is one of three federally approved data centers maintaining the highest level of security. Academic Search has spam filters, a firewall in place, and a monitoring session management system, which is used to manage transactions between our partner institutions and the server. Academic Search has policy in place in the event of data mismanagement, the ability to remove access from the server instantaneously, as well as user management and access customization. All these features are kept up to date and monitored to ensure security and prevent session hijacking. The practice employs a technical team in-house and engages an off-site security team to assure adequate monitoring and technical support. Access to Academic Search server files is by password only and is limited to individuals with need-to-know status.